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I am also a facilitator for larger groups, adding to the coaching approach using exploratory techniques to reveal the barriers and springboards to success. Then, over time identifying the practical actions and changes that need to be made at a personal, team and organisational level to achieve desired goals.



As a coach I listen, question, help my clients explore feelings, thoughts, options and possibilities. The value of my work lies in what my clients conclude and what they choose to do with the clarity they’ve discovered. My aim is to increase my clients’ ability to be resilient self-coaches.


My resources include a business background with a strategic focus, accreditation to a number of relevant psychological instruments and over twenty years experience in successfully coaching clients from a wide variety of backgrounds and sectors.

As a coaching agony aunt for Management Today I provided practical solutions to more than 100 problems. To access go to


My clients use my help at various crossroads in their professional lives, including moving sector, finding a more fulfilling role, swapping from full-on corporate life to a portfolio career. As well as identifying ambitions, needs and values, I provide practical help in terms of CV and interview preparation.


Having a leadership role doesn’t automatically confer the skills, and qualities required to excel. I help my clients to recognise and utilise their strengths, develop their emotional intelligence and their ability to navigate office politics, and create the teams they need to achieve their goals.


Over time the balance between how much we work and how much attention we pay to other areas of our lives changes. I help my clients gain clarity on their priorities and find ways to adjust their behaviours to reflect what is important to them now in the future.

We know that too much stress damages health, effectiveness and personal relationships and finding practical ways to reduce stressful aspects of life is another area of my work.


There is a lot of good training on how to coach one to one, but precious little on how to work with a group to transform them into an effective team. I have developed a whole range of techniques, drawn from psychology, qualitative research, international business schools, and creative development that I share with small groups of coaches to build on their existing coaching skills and broaden their competence.


Many, if not most, programmes of transformation fail, often because the vision of the leaders isn’t sufficiently embraced further down the organisation. I have developed a number of approaches that help provide traction in making vision a reality for all levels of the workforce.


However smart members of the board and the management team may be, from time to time they get too close to daily issues to fully focus on the wider picture of threats and opportunities. I have developed a series of techniques that successfully leverage the inherent wisdom of my clients to reveal what the strategic imperatives for the organisation are and to identify the first practical steps that development requires.


A truly effective team is internally coherent and cohesive and fully operational within the system of the organisation and wider stakeholders. My work not only strengthens the team dynamic but identifies the core purpose of the team and ways to leverage it to fulfil the remit the team exists to deliver.


Many able people lack the inner confidence to make the most of their skills and experience. My approach is to identify genuine strengths and then build a solid foundation for self-esteem, gradually integrating more assertive, authoritative behaviours into daily life to increase positive impact.

What My Clients Say…

Naren Patel, CEO Primesight

Miranda has worked with Primesight on several occasions over the years. She manages to bring organisational theory to life and is extremely well skilled in bringing team together.

Tracey Follows, Founder, Futuremade

Miranda is a wonderful coach who has been instrumental in helping me find my core strengths, build on them in the most productive way and pursue paths where they can be best utilised.  She can crystallise difficult relationship issues to give clarity on the real issue, she steers you rather than tells you what direction to take, and she has models and coping tools, which are truly invaluable. I’d never have achieved what I have, without her. Thank you Miranda.

Vanella Jackson, CEO Hall and Partners

The work that Miranda did with us was so fantastic at igniting a team spirit and alignment between the team that really set the culture in a strong direction and that is embedded in us now and feels true to our values as we’re moving forward and embracing the change ahead.

Charlie Makin, Managing Director, Pintarget

I’ve worked with Miranda several times, both as a one to one coach and to help with corporate team building. In a world where people tend to over promise and under deliver, she is a genuine star. She listens and quickly understands issues. Her advice and recommendations are well considered and valuable, she doesn’t pull punches and is prepared to address problems, but with great empathy. I’ve always enjoyed working with her.